Student Code of Conduct

WyoTech students must conduct themselves appropriately during training.

All WyoTech students must adhere to WyoTech's Code of Conduct while attending the school and pursuing a new career through WyoTech's training courses.

WyoTech's reputation is built on the depth of its programs and the professionalism required of its students. In fact, employers have hired WyoTech graduates not just because of the skills they have learned in their program, but also because of their training in professionalism and punctual attendance -- the same values that are desirable in the workplace.*

Admission prerequisites

As a prerequisite for admission, each WyoTech applicant must sign and agree to abide by academic and professionalism standards in our Student Code of Conduct. Students who follow the code are better able to focus on learning, earn better grades, and are more employable upon graduation.

Violations of the code of conduct include:

Contact your team at WyoTech for more information on the Code of Conduct.