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Woodburn, Melissa

Street Rod Instructor

My name is Melissa Woodburn. I've always had a love for cars, it started when I was a little girl. Later, as a high school graduate, I didn't quite know what I wanted to do when I grew up. WyoTech was a dream, but that dream had no direction at that point in my life. I ended up getting a scholarship to a local community college for art. I loved to draw and create, so I spent 3 years getting an art degree, which I never used in a career path. I spent many years working dead-end jobs, hating what I did for a living. Several years later, when I met my husband, he introduced me to the car world and my love of cars grew exponentially from there. One day, at the age of 31, I decided I was going to go to WyoTech. My dream had direction now: I wanted to resurrect old cars and make them beautiful again. I loved the custom hot rod industry. In 2010, I moved to Laramie, Wyoming to attend WyoTech. I took Collision & Refinishing, Street Rod (being my main focus) and I also took Chassis Fabrication. Going to WyoTech was the best decision I ever made for myself! It gave me a set of skills that has taken me on an amazing adventure! Since my education at WyoTech, I have loved every job I’ve had. Working with my hands creating, shaping and fabricating is the most rewarding and satisfying occupation. On my own time, I love to do custom paint, that’s where my art degree comes in handy! I’ve worked in various fabrication shops, hot rod shops and chassis shops in the last 10 years. But, my most favorite job was working for Dave Kindig at Kindig-it Design as a body technician. I love what I do! When my husband and I, Scott Woodburn (HPPT Instructor), were offered jobs as instructors at WyoTech, we knew we had to do it. It's very rewarding teaching others the skill set that I have enjoyed so much. My hope is that each student I teach gets bit by the car bug and has an amazing career, as I have been so fortunate to have had.
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