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Clark, Tom

Automotive Instructor

My name is Tom Clark. My entire life has been spent in the Automotive Field. I started off with my childhood being raised in a family-owned and operated chain of gas stations in Colorado. After completing high school, I was further educated at vocational school. I have spent a majority of my career working in the field as a technician, I am Dual Master Certified by Ford Motor Company, and at various levels with Honda, Toyota, Hyundai. I was also able to work research and development for Ford Motor Company during my career through Link West Engineering where I was able to work on various levels of prototypes vehicles. I have been a State Emissions Examiner for the state of Arizona and a State Vin Verification Inspector for the state of Arizona. I have been an Automotive Instructor for twelve years and have enjoyed the experience thoroughly. The experience of working with the students is satisfying when you see their success at the completion of their education. WyoTech’s facility develops successful young adults. I look forward to every phase here and development I get to see in our students. This career choice has been as fulfilling to me as the Automotive field.