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Stibitz, Larry

HPPT Instructor

My name is Larry Stibitz. I grew up in Laramie. I have two older sisters, one younger brother, 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. My Dad started an automotive machine shop in 1973 which we spent a lot of time at. We pretty much grew up around engines and vehicles. I started sweeping and cleaning up machinery in my Dad’s machine shop around the age of 8. By my teenage years I was doing cylinder head work, installing valve guides, grinding valves and seats and resurfacing cylinder heads. I worked at the machine shop in the summers. I began working full time as an automotive machinist in 1988. My father taught me how to machine and assemble engines. We specialized in classic car engines and performance engine builds. I worked for the family business for the next 21 years. In that 21 years I became very proficient in engine machining and engine building specializing in high performance engines. I got to build some really cool engines. I learned how to remove and install engines and transmissions, drivetrain work and engine tuning. I learned how to ride a dirt bike when I was 8 and got my first dirt bike when I was 10. My brother and I got into motocross and trail riding. We found trail riding more fun than motocross so we started doing enduro races, and hare scrambles. I learned to do the mechanical repairs on the 2 stroke engines as well as the suspension on motorcycles. My hobbies are fishing, boating, hiking, hunting and riding motorcycles. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and family.