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McDonald, Charles “Mac”

Trim and Upholstery Instructor

My name is Charles "Mac" McDonald. I am a fourth-generation trimmer. I grew up in Crowley, Lousianna and spent a lot of time in my dad's Trim and Upholstery shop. I joined the U.S. Navy for a three year stint before I got out. I ended up unexpectedly having to take over my dad's shop after his untimely death, but since I did not yet know much about running a business, I moved to South Florida to work for another shop. It wasn't long before I was managing a business and after buying the owner out, I formed McDonald Auto Trim, Inc. In 2006, my wife found a classified ad from a school named WyoTech, located in Laramie, Wyoming in the Trim and Upholstery department. We sold our house and headed west, and since then, I have been featured on three different automotive based television seres and have hundreds of appreciative graduates from the Trim and Upholstery program at WyoTech. I have 4 children and 12 grandchildren. Life is good!
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