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Duncan, Brian

Assistant Program Coordinator/ ASM Instructor

My name is Brian Duncan. My wife and I have been married since 1998 and are raising 4 boys, 3 sons and a nephew. Born and raised in a small agricultural and mining town in Kentucky, I developed a love for cars at an early age. I spent most of my high school years cleaning my Mustang or hanging out at the local cruise strip. I started attending car shows regularly during my first year of driving. I attended college at Bryann College in Dayton, Tennessee, earning a degree in Christian Education and Psychology, then came to WyoTech for Collision and Refinishing, Chassis Fabrication and Street Rod. After working at a handful of shops ranging from high end hot rods to painting semis, I found myself in the business of selling hot rod parts. Selling parts turned into me helping to run a newly founded speed shop in middle Tennessee before I moved back to Laramie. Since I have returned to Laramie, I have worked in sales and in middle management at a local dealership before being accepted as an instructor at WyoTech. I love being back at WyoTech, where I can take the lessons I have learned in my career and through life choices to help create a better future for our students. My hobbies include mountain biking, cross country skiing, and wishing that cars could talk.
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