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Storms, Duane

Diesel Instructor

My name is Duane Storms. I grew up in Washington and Oregon state. I enlisted in the US Coast Guard in 1993 and retired from there in 2017. SI spent over half of my Coast Guard career in Alaska patrolling the Bering Sea making sure the Deadliest Catch guys were staying safe while they were crabbing up there. Other areas of my Coast Guard career were spent in Washington, Oregon and Virginia. While on my first ship in Washington, I went on a six month cruise that took me all the way down to Antarctica. My next ship was in Oregon and we did drug enforcement down off of Mexico. I spent two years in Virginia as an instructor for entry level Diesel Tech in the Coast Guard. Upon retirement I went to work in a small mom and pop shop in Soldotna AK. There I worked on all different types of autos, big trucks, rv’s, snow machines, 4 wheelers and so on. In July of 2018 the family and I started our journey down to the lower 48. Driving all the way from Alaska to Wyoming so I could go to school here at WyoTech. After taking our time coming down we arrived in Laramie around the first week of September. The day we arrived in Laramie the family and I came over to WyoTech to see if we could get a tour and I ended up starting School at WyoTech Oct 2018. When I started school there was only a hand full of students since it was only a few months after Jim had taken over WyoTech. While here at school I got recruited by Bruckner’s and went to work for them in Farmington New Mexico. After almost 3 years with them I decided that I was done with working on trucks and what not, so I decided to call WyoTech to see if I could come interview for an instructor job, and here I am. I am instructing at WyoTech.