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Barlow, Cindy

Director of Industry Outreach

My name is Cindy Barlow and I began working at WyoTech in 2019. Jim Mathis reached out to me shortly after he purchased the school. I came down for a tour and to meet Jim and Troy Chaney in October of 2018. From the very first meeting and tour I was sold on WyoTech. I immediately could see the value of branding the campus and the opportunities to partner with Industry. Knowing nothing about this industry it has been a sharp learning curve for me, but I do believe now that we have a strong student base and our exponential growth with the incredible new facility, Industry has taken notice and they take us seriously. Long term goals are to see every program well supported by their associated industry partners. Through donations of equipment as well as branding their companies on our shop walls with agreements to support the revenue or trade for such branding. More than anything I am striving for long term relationships that help to sustain the best experience and the best training for the best outcomes for each and everyone of our students and Alumni. My job with WyoTech has been the first job in all of my years that I can say I love. I love to see the changes in the kids when they arrive at the school on the first day and even more so a month later, when you can see their growth. I thoroughly enjoy working with Industry and just people in general by learning ways that I can help them in their recruiting efforts. WyoTech is changing lives one student at a time as well as those of us who have been trusted to do our part in making that happen. Outside of work, first and foremost I love spending time with my grandchildren and being that "cool" adventurous grandma. I am a big game Outfitter so I enjoy hunting and camping in the bighorn mountains. I love riding horses, gardening and just anything that takes me outside. I have played the fiddle for 49 years. I play by ear and can play almost anything I hear. I play at the Occidental on Thursday nights when I am home. We focus on bluegrass and gospel. We have an upcoming bluegrass camp event in January with some big names coming to town.