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Bateman, Aaron

Street Rod Instructor

My name is Aaron Bateman. My “larva stage” started in Kemmerer, WY and was completed in Wheatland, WY. I have been married to my wife April since July 4th, 2005 (lost my independence on Independence Day). We have five awesome boys. In the 4 years of metal shop, I took in high school I specialized in sheet metal projects and instruction (among other things). Right after high school I came to Laramie to work in the HVAC trade as a Journeyman fabricator for over 22 years. There I made enough ductwork to stretch from San Francisco to Baltimore, or at least it felt like it. During that time, I was also commissioned to make some of the oddest sheet metal and welding projects ranging from parts for custom wood stove restorations to decorative air vents for the state capitol to unusual auto accessories. For a number of years, I’ve had a side business where I built signs, sculptures and metal art incorporating sheet metal, welding, and CNC plasma cutting technology. In that business I also did media blasting and powder coating. I enjoy anything outdoors and with family whether it's 4 wheeling, hiking, mountain biking, camping, canoeing, hunting or anything, just get me out in them-thar’-hills. I also like doing hobbies my sons enjoy like model trains, model cars, and Legos. Someday I hope to restore an 80’s square body Chevy with my boys. I recently joined the WyoTech family in October 2022 as an instructor (I prefer “Professor of the Metallurgical Arts,” but I digress). I’m deeply honored and humbled to be here and I look forward to investing in the next generation of sheet metal fabricators and auto workers.