WyoTech students learn about light-diesel applications.

The objective of our Light-Duty Diesel specialty program is to provide you with the skills to work on light-duty consumer trucks and diesel engines. You'll study various manufacturers' engines, and examine how diesel power and performance is achieved.

You can take the Light-Duty Diesel specialty program if you are pursuing either Core Programs: Automotive Technology or Diesel Technology.

Light-Duty Diesel Specialty Concentration Courses

In this specialty concentration course, you'll study:

Students also receive training in theory, hands-on repair and diagnosis of diesel-powered equipment with an emphasis on light-diesel applications.

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How long does it take to complete our Light-Duty Diesel Specialty Program?

  • 6 - Month Core Program
  • 3 - Month Specialty Program
  • 9 - Month Diploma or Degree

Campuses that offer the Light-Duty Diesel Specialty Program*

Core Programs that offer the Light-Duty Diesel Specialty Program**

* Not all programs and specialties offered at all locations

** At least one core program must be completed along with the student's choice of specialty concentration program in order to satisfy curriculum requirements. Not all programs and specialties offered at all locations.

How much will it cost to complete your training in light-duty diesel

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