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High-Performance Power Trains

Learn HOW to
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the fine art of making things go fast

Obsessed with figuring out how to make cars go faster and do things better? … yeah, us, too. Consider this a master class in engine performance, covering the fine art of making things go fast from both a mechanical and an electronic perspective. Show up, put in the work, and walk out at the end of 12 weeks with the ability to tune just about any engine combination out there.

(Note: At this time, we’re working with gasoline-powered vehicles only.)

tuning basics

Everything you need to know to increase performance from both a mechanical and electronic side.

improving engine packages

Make the most of what’s already in place.


In this phase, we’ll focus on the mechanical side of engine performance. You’ll start by learning the basics of how engines operate, and what you can expect when you make changes, then move into component matching, selection, modification, and measuring. Next, you’ll learn ways to improve existing packages, getting hands-on experience with cylinder head porting (including a port/polish exercise to improve airflow); tuning carburetors (including proper matching and how to modify/change them); and interpreting data using an engine dynamometer.

  • Engine operations 101
  • Cylinder head porting
  • Tuning carburetors


Phase two is the electronic side, where you’ll put your knowledge to use tuning our WyoTech shop vehicles. First, you’ll get familiar with electronic fuel injection and timing; then, you’ll jump into building a map, setting parameters, and building a timing and fuel curve before getting the car on our in-shop dyno to finish being tuned.

  • Explore electronic fuel injection
  • Build a timing & fuel curve
  • Tune on the in-shop dyno

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