WyoTech's Specialty & Concentration Programs

You've chosen your industry. Now choose your passion.

Once you've chosen one of WyoTech's five core programs — Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Collision Refinishing Technology, Motorcycle Technology or Marine Specialist — you then get to choose one or more specialties or concentrations.*

Check out the available specialties or concentrations below. Click to learn which core programs and campus locations offer your preferred specialty and kick your career into high gear.**

Advanced Diesel Technology Specialty Program

The objective of our Advanced Diesel course is to provide you with the training to repair and diagnose in-depth problems on diesel engines. You'll work on heavy duty trucks and learn to inspect, repair and perform preventive maintenance.

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Advanced Marine Concentration Specialty Program

The Advanced Marine concentration builds on the core program of watercraft engines and vessels. This concentration will introduce you to more advanced recreational marine vessel support systems, including installation and troubleshooting of fuel, electrical and other systems, as well as understanding engine computers and related commonly-used software.

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Applied Service Management Specialty Program

Earning a specialized technology associate degree in Applied Service Management is a great option if you're interested in eventually managing or owning your own shop.

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Asian Concentration Specialty Program

The Motorcycle Technology's Asian concentration program is designed to provide you with a technical skill set and applied logical diagnostics approach to diagnose, service and repair modern motorcycles. After completion of your core training, you can choose to specialize in the Asian concentration.

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Auto-Diesel Vehicle Technology Specialty Program

The Auto-Diesel Vehicle Technology courses offer you the opportunity to add specialized cross-course training in either Automotive Technology or Diesel Technology to your core classes.

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DATE for Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks Specialty Program

Today's diesel equipment is more technologically challenging than yesterday's diesel engines and systems. WyoTech offers a core Diesel Technology training program along with its Diesel Advanced Technology Education (DATE) for Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks specialty. The entire program is designed to train students on Mack and Volvo truck maintenance.

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European Concentration Specialty Program

WyoTech's Motorcycle Technology European concentration program trains you to diagnose, service and repair motorcycles from major European manufacturers like Ducati and Triumph.

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Harley-Davidson Concentration Specialty Program

The Harley-Davidson specialty program is designed to provide you with a technical skill set and applied logical diagnostics approach to diagnose, service and repair these iconic modern motorcycles. After completing your core motorcycle repair training, you can choose to take the Harley-Davidson concentration.

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High Performance Power Trains Specialty Program

The objective of our High-Performance Power Trains concentration is to provide you with current specialty training in many high-performance applications of diesel and automotive upgrades. You'll receive training theory, hands-on repair and diagnosis of modern hi-tech diesel vehicles and gasoline-powered vehicles with an emphasis on performance.

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Light-Duty Diesel Specialty Program

The objective of our Light-Duty Diesel specialty program is to provide you with the skills to work on light-duty consumer trucks and diesel engines. You'll study various manufacturers' engines, and examine how diesel power and performance is achieved.

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Motorsports Chassis Fabrication Specialty Program

The Motorsports Chassis Fabrication specialty program introduces you to metal working techniques that apply to specialty automotive chassis fabrication work. This includes a study of metal types and configurations, measuring, pattern and outline development, mechanical drawing reading and development, attachment methods, metal finishing, cutting, MIG and TIG welding; frame design and modifications including boxing, tubular cross-members, c-notching, pro-street frame setup, roll cage construction, and complete tube chassis fabrication.

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Off-Road Power Concentration Specialty Program

WyoTech's Off-Road Power concentration allows you to study All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Mechanical Systems, electrical systems, snowmobiles, personal watercraft (PWC) and other off-road vehicle powertrains.

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Street Rod and Custom Fabrication Specialty Program

In our Street Rod & Custom Fabrication course, you'll study the techniques used to customize vehicles and create works of art. You'll become familiar with basic specialized sheet metal fabrication techniques as applied to customizing vehicles. These techniques will include the use of basic hand tools and specialized equipment like the English wheel, power hammer, planishing hammer, bead roller and louver press.

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Trim and Upholstery Technology Specialty Program

The Trim & Upholstery Technology specialty program covers trim and upholstery terminology, trim panels, headliners, headrests and armrests, shop organization and customer relations. You'll study upholstery tools of the trade, supplies, operation, safety and maintenance of sewing machines, analysis of seam types, layout with existing patterns, constructing patterns where none exist, and more.

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*At least one core program must be completed along with the student's choice of specialty concentration program in order to satisfy curriculum requirements. Not all programs and specialties are offered at all locations.

**Employment is not guaranteed, but career services help is available for students and graduates.