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WyoTech Alumni Spotlight: Lars Luhrsen

February 22, 2021

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I grew up in small farming communities working on tractors and farm trucks. I loved making repairs on anything and everything. After discovering the Hot Rod shows on Saturday morning TV, I knew that I wanted to be a gear head. After I signed up for school, it was go-time. I had a 1961 Chevrolet ½-ton fleet side that I spent 10 months on getting ready in order to be cool at school. I was lucky enough to receive the outstanding student award and had perfect attendance.

After March graduation, I started my career at Wagner Equipment Co. as an entry-level class C tech. I worked on anything they would let me and in 4 years I was a journeyman tech. By year 6, I was the lead man on the main shop floor. 12 total years spent working and helping others when needed in order to keep our Caterpillar customers running.

With 19 years in now, I have worked my way up to manager of the FS department with 24 field techs, 8 Lube techs, and 2 PIP techs. My goal every day is to keep the ball rolling forward and if opportunities come up for growth and learning, we jump on them. I have a solid team around me that works so hard to keep our CAT customers running. Wagner Equipment currently has 40 WyoTech grads and counting!
Advice to future WyoTech Students:
Keep positive and stay focused on hard work. Your skills will take you far in your career.

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