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How Many Years Does It Take to Finish Auto Mechanic School?

December 22, 2020

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Even though a high school diploma is accepted as the minimum required degree to become an auto mechanic, you’ll find that locating a good job with just a high school degree is much harder in practice than it is on paper. Most employers will require you to attend and finish at least a basic auto mechanic school before offering you a proper job.

Fortunately, automotive trade school is a good choice, and it won’t take you long to complete it. While different schools offer different training programs, most involve schedules that last somewhere between one and two years, with some of the faster ones out there even taking less than 50 weeks of total school time to complete.

In some cases, a part time schedule will also be available in case you’re a student, so you can complete your college education in parallel with taking classes at an auto mechanic school. The result will be that, even as you’re fresh out of college, you will already have the knowledge and schooling necessary to land a great job and jump-start your career as an auto mechanic.

Most experts agree that it’s best not to rush into anything, of course. While a quicker schedule or a part time school program can be helpful, it’s usually best to enroll into the full 2-year program, so you can gain the complete benefits of the auto mechanic school that you’ve chosen.