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What's it like to attend WyoTech?

WyoTech is an experience that can be beneficial throughout a lifetime.

WyoTech Culture

WyoTech is a place where you'll not only get top-notch training, but also a place where you'll feel right at home.

You see, we've created a culture that attracts students and instructors who share a love for technology - everything from cars and trucks to watercraft.

Life at WyoTech

As a WyoTech student, you'll join this wonderful team of likeminded students who are passionate about the career field you're interested in.

And our instructors come from an industry where they love what they do. They'll work with you on your projects and pass on tips and knowledge you'll need on a daily basis. Their goal is to build your confidence and prepare you for your future.

Our facilities are full of vehicles, testing equipment and tools - everything to ensure your success in the workplace.

We also understand that employers hire the person, not just the skills. So that's why we emphasize your personal and professional development. Our career services department will prepare you for your interviews, and help you construct a winning resume.

So if you're looking for a school to challenge you, and give you the skills and training to succeed in your career, check us out. We think you'll love WyoTech. Get our complimentary DVD and brochure to learn more.

Student Life Disclosures

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WyoTech Success Story

Jessi Combs - WyoTech Success Story2004 Graduate
Jessi graduated in 2004 from WyoTech' s Collision/Refinishing Technology program with specialty focuses in Motorsports Chassis Fabrication , Street Rod and Custom Fabrication and Trim and Upholstery Technology Jessi is a proud graduate of WyoTech i...

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Featured Specialty Course

Automotive DiagnosticsAutomotive Diagnostics is a specialty of the Core CourseAutomotive Diagnostics

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Student Testimonials

Caleb TroyerWyoTech Graduate
"WyoTech was well worth the money and time that I spent. I learned a lot about cars, met a lot of people and had a lot of fun. If I was asked to do it again, I'd do it in a heartbeat."