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WyoTech Success Story - Wade Bailey - Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Raytheon

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Wade Bailey - Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Raytheon

Wade Bailey - Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Raytheon

I am a heavy equipment mechanic for Raytheon. Six months of the year I work in Antarctica maintaining equipment for the National Science Foundation and the entire support crew at McMurdo Station. The equipment I work on does everything from build runways and unload cargo ships to providing heat for our living and working spaces.

I graduated from WyoTech in Diesel Technology and Chassis Fabrication. I see endless opportunities for someone with the right training. With my job, I only have to work 6 months of the year. This allows me time for my own business ventures.

A typical day for me on the ice is wrenching on bulldozers, loaders, trucks, and all the other equipment. I work 9 hours a day, 6 days a week while I am here. The best thing about my career is that it allows me to see and visit all parts of the world, from the glaciers of Antarctica to the beaches of Australia. And, I love the challenge of having to repair these machines with only the tools and components on hand (can't run to the parts store), and the people depend on me to get the job done!

There have been so many memorable moments in my career so far! I would have to say the first time you start up a motor you just rebuilt is priceless. But on the other hand, having to be flown by helicopter to a remote landing strip in Antarctica to work on a tractor is pretty cool too.

Proper training is a must. If you want to be a tech, you need to have the right kind of training. Why settle for an education that is second rate?

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