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WyoTech Success Story - Teresa Judd - Diagnostic Technician

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Teresa Judd - Diagnostic Technician

Teresa Judd - Diagnostic Technician

Teresa comes form a family where working on cars and motorcycles is somewhat of a tradition.  Being the younger sibling for Teresa had its advantages. Her two older brothers, 8 and 12 years older, were very supportive, and thought it was a cool thing their little sister wanted to work on cars.
In Teresa’s words, “They always knew I was very headstrong and into it.  I was gonna do what I wanted to do and that was that.”  Teresa’s brothers were into motorcycles, so the passion for fixing things was in her blood at any early age.  Teresa says about her family, “Yeah, definitely, the whole family was proud of me. It’s a good thing, to you know, finish strong.  You don’t wanna come straggling in, so they were definitely proud of me—for completing my program, yes.”

Teresa graduated from the Advanced Automotive Diagnostics Program at WyoTech, and studied; theory in alternative fuels, waveform analysis, emission control systems diagnostics with exhaust gas analyzers, and much more.
Working on today’s cars requires a different level of understanding with respect to the science and technology that goes into their creation.  Teresa, like many of her classmates, spent quality time in both the classroom and on the shop floor honing her skills.
Teresa describes the WyoTech tech school experience as, “The environment was comfortable, and you know you’re going to be learning something that was worth learning—and—eventually you were going to be putting these things to practice. You know, it makes it—feel more worthwhile when you get, you know, grueling, and you’re doing your homework and you’re like, ‘God, I’m exhausted.’”
The WyoTech environment is fast-paced!  And, that’s the way it should be.  You’re learning your trade in an environment that reflects what the real world is all about.  And, you’re in the presence of instructors who have been there—and done that! What you get when you combine all of this, is a learning environment that gives a student the tools and skills to compete for the industry jobs that are in demand—today.
If you’re thinking about doing something positive with your life, why not contact WyoTech and check out the tech school career training that can help you ratchet-up your life and qualify for the kind of job you’ve been dreaming about.
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