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WyoTech Success Story - Kris Cubacana - Painter

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Kris Cubacana - Painter

Kris Cubacana - Painter

For a lot of students coming out of high school, there’s often a big “question mark” about what the next step should be.
Discovering the “path” often takes a lot of inner reflection and honesty about ones strengths or weaknesses.  And, it makes it tough if there are not a lot of people around that are willing to listen to you vent your feelings or concerns to.  For everyone, the process is a unique journey.

For Kris, it was a WyoTech TV ad that sparked his interest and desire to follow up.  Kris says, “Actually, I didn’t know anything about the school.  I saw it on TV and I wanted to go there just so I could learn.  So I could find out for myself, you know, if working on cars was really something I wanted to do for the—n---not the rest of my life, but for a good portion of my life.”
Kris continues, “My first impression of WyoTech, it did blow me away. It was like, you know, going into, like, a lab class, like a chemistry class, but, you know, it was cars.”  
The ability to follow up in life means everything.  It might be the difference between success now—and perhaps success later. A WyoTech representative visited Kris to talk about how the classes worked at WyoTech, what the city would be like, and the experiences Kris could expect to have in attending tech school.
Kris states, “And everything pretty much has gone—has, you know, has worked out for me real well.”
The WyoTech Street Rod and Custom Fabrication course teaches the techniques used to customize vehicles, and “literally” create works of art. Students can learn the basic specialized sheet metal fabrication techniques as applied to customizing vehicles.
Students will also get hands-on experience using basic hand tools and specialized equipment like the English Wheel, power hammer, bead roller, louver press, and much more.  Custom paint training also covers the application of specialized finishes like pearls and candies.
Even though Kris did better in the collision course, painting was more fun and a bit more challenging because of new colors and the art of blending them.  Kris is a painter at heart, and he approaches the task from a creative point of view.  
The Street Rod and Custom Fabrication career training Kris received at WyoTech can lay the foundation for a lot of future job opportunities for him.
WyoTech offers a lot, and if you’ve graduated from high school and you’re interested in career tech school training that can prepare you to land the job of your dreams, you can follow up and contact a WyoTech Representative just like Kris Cubacana did.
Like Kris, with the right WyoTech career training—you can turn Pro!

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