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WyoTech Success Story - Jarrod Tousley - Heavy Duty Repairman

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Jarrod Tousley - Heavy Duty Repairman

Jarrod Tousley - Heavy Duty Repairman

Jarrod Tousley has always enjoyed working with his hands, and bought his first vehicle off a guy for 200 bucks.  I’d say that’s pretty impressive for a 12-yer old. Jerod admits, “I didn’t know if it ran, didn’t know anything.  I didn’t have much money, so I read over the manual and I just, once I got it to run, you know, got it fired up and I knew that things were stable to run, it was amazing to me, wow, you know, I did this, it’s gonna run, I know what’s gonna happen if something goes wrong.”

The WyoTech Diesel Technology Program gives students the hands-on-experience need to work on a variety of diesel engines and power systems.  The program includes courses in: Engine Management Systems and Refrigeration, Fluid Power and Electrical Systems, Engines, and Power Trains.
The course is a challenge, and it’s advisable to bring your “A” game when attending class.  Jarrod recalls, “The teachers were real professional.  The way they grades us, I thought it was great because the way they grades us, was, I would say, in my strong points, how well something works.  Also, how you attitude was towards things.  So, I actually got awards, high grads and high honors.”
The WyoTech approach works for a lot of students because of how the training programs are set up.  “I thought it was going to be strictly shop related” says Jarrod.  “But actually it evened it 50-50 on classroom and shop related activities, and that, to be quite honestly, was very good.”  One of Jarrod’s most impressive classes was the WyoTech engine shop.
Jarrod States, “We got to use snap on tools.  The engines that we were working on, they were high performance engines, and we’d build them.  And, we got to set them up on a Dyno and fire them up for the first time and listen to them run, and like I said, that’s one of those things, knowing that you did that, you rebuilt it, that’s your accomplishment and you did a good job at it.”
Finding ones path in life is really what it all breaks down to.  You can read a thousand books on the subject, attend countless lectures, and dream endless dreams about changing you life.
But if you don’t take action—nothing will happen!  Why not request a WyoTech DVD for more information on how career tech school training might be jus the thing to give your future a winning edge!

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