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WyoTech Success Story - Jeff Aquistapace - Race Car Mechanic

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Jeff Aquistapace - Race Car Mechanic

Jeff Aquistapace - Race Car Mechanic

Being a race car mechanic is a dream that a lot of people can only fantasize about.  However, Jeff Aquistapace is a WyoTech graduate that made a personal dream come true.  In fact, where he is in life at the moment may even be beyond the things he dreamed about—but that’s a good thing!
Jeff is an engine body and chassis mechanic, and employing those skills as a race car mechanic is nothing short of a constant “adrenalin rush”.  For Jeff, every day is a new challenge.

Jeff recalls his WyoTech automotive tech school experience, “The actual program that I took, the nine months, which was the basic program—you can go longer, but not shorter.  It went by pretty fast.  Yeah,  you know, we were waiting for our vacation time all the time, but you know, you’re always that way, and then vacation was over and then it was back to school again, so it was pretty fast.  We weren’t bored and sitting there for hours on end wondering when the day was gonna end.”
Jeff’s WyoTech Automotive Technology Program training opened up the door for him to show people in the professional world that he really did know what he was talking about.  In Jeff’s words, “It allowed me to get into their organizations when I had something backing me up.  It’s all about paperwork. You know, it’s having the paperwork and the classes behind you.”
WyoTech’s High Performance Powertrain concentration gave Jeff the skills and confidence to work on a professional race car team.  
Jeff says, “It takes a certain kind of person. It takes a certain kind of person to wanna go to WyoTech, ‘cause you really gotta wanna be there, and that’s really what you gotta wanna do’. You break fingers, knuckles, cut yourself all the time because things are so—in tight spaces. If you like seeing something come together, and work like it’s supposed to, and do things that you really didn’t think you could do, WyoTech is a good place to go.”
You might be a student in High School, or you’ve already graduated and you’re thinking about what you’d like to do with your life.  Why not contact a WyoTech Representative to find out how career technical school training can give your life a major boost!
Hey, Jeff gave it a shot—and it all came together for him in ways he couldn’t have imagined.
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