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WyoTech Success Story - Jeff Adkins - Collision Repair Technician

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Jeff Adkins - Collision Repair Technician

Jeff Adkins - Collision Repair Technician

Jeff Adkins is a guy that loves working with his hands, and working as a collision repair technician allows him the freedom of “expression”.  
Jeff shares, “There is a—there is an underlying love for—for automobiles and what I do.  I’ve always been a hands-on person.  Always—always wanted that—that feedback. And when I fix a car, I get that feedback.  And, I get the positive feedback.  And, it makes me feel good. It keeps me going.  It makes me work towards the next one.  And I, just try and better myself from there.”

Jeff Adkins graduated from WyoTech and interviewed for BMW of North America for STEP (Service Technician Education Program) training.  Eight months later, Jeff landed a job that he could be proud of.
Jeff says, “I went to WyoTech and I had three classes and I was on top of all three classes.  That was my goal. That was my goal going in.  You know, being a little older, I knew what the—what the stakes were and I knew this can—this is gonna have a huge impact on the rest of my life.”
The WyoTech Collision Refinishing Program is divided in two courses.  Collision Repair provides instruction in the fundamentals of restoring cars, and special attention is given to: heating and cooling systems, air conditioning, electrical circuits, steel and aluminum panel repair, power accessories, and more.
Refinishing courses will provide students with instruction in surface preparation and masking, spray gun operation, detailing, spot repair and blending techniques, corrosion protection, worker protection, and hazardous materials to name several.
There are some great mentors at WyoTech that believe supporting the student is job one!  In Jeff’s words, “Everyone’s willing to help you out.  And, you know, I can learn things from just about anybody here who’s willing to teach me.”
Finding and walking your own path in life can be a challenge.  Unfortunately for many, the adventure never begins.  Jeff gives this advice, “If it’s something you’re interested in and you feel—like the path it’s gonna—a passion for you and you’re really thinking about it, I’d say go for it.  Jeff ponders, “And—I wouldn’t—I don’t regret a thing.  I wouldn’t look back.  And I definitely made the right decision in doing this.”
If you’re thinking about your own life, and wondering what the next step might be, why not contact WyoTech and speak with a representative to learn more about the career automotive tech school training that might just change your life for the better.

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