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WyoTech Success Story - Hubert Rowlands - Motorcycle Mechanic

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Hubert Rowlands - Motorcycle Mechanic

Hubert Rowlands - Motorcycle Mechanic

Like many WyoTech graduates, Hubert Rowlands had a passion for his chosen profession since childhood.  “I was always interested in bikes.  Uh, four-wheelers.  Anything—pretty much anything with a motor” Hubert says.  “I really don’t prefer the cars.  But, I can work on a car if I have to.”
Hubert Rowlands was fortunate enough to grow up in the wide-open spaces on a Tennessee farm. In Rowland's words, “I grew up around bikes.  I grew up with friends that rode bikes.  And, y’know, I’m from the country. My grandpa worked on lawn mowers, and, I mean, honestly those were kind of boring, until the past couple of years they started racin’ em.  And, I mean that’s pretty wild to see a lawnmower goin’ forty miles an hour.”

Hubert is a perfect example of what happens when “passion” meets “opportunity”.  And, this is what the WyoTech experience is all about! WyoTech is the perfect environment for students looking to find the education and experience that can take their love of “wrenching” to the next level.
WyoTech’s Motorcycle Technology program can give students the specialized skills and knowledge needed for a career servicing and repairing today’s modern bikes.
Everybody has a different level of drive and interest, and whether you’re looking to hone your skills with a specific brand or style, or just looking to learn basic repair, WyoTech can offer the hands-on-experience that can put your future on the fast track.
Hubert Rowland is happy with the way his life is turning out.  He took the effort to follow up on his desire to change his life for the better.   Change is not always easy!  Change often means we find ourselves in an unfamiliar environment.  However, when we reach down inside ourselves to find the courage—amazing opportunities are often the result.
If you’re thinking about making a change in your life for the better, why not contact WyoTech to see how career tech school training can open up the doors to some amazing possibilities.  
You can never tell where the adventure will take you!

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