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WyoTech Success Stories

Check out what some of our graduates have done!

Jessi Combs - WyoTech Success Story

Graduated in 2004

Jessi Combs - WyoTech Success Story Jessi graduated in 2004 from WyoTech' s Collision/Refinishing Technology program with specialty focuses in Motorsports Chassis Fabrication , Street Rod and Custom Fabrication and Trim and Upholstery Technology Jessi is a proud graduate of WyoTech i... Read More »

Jarrod Tousley - Heavy Duty Repairman

Jarrod Tousley - Heavy Duty Repairman Jarrod Tousley has always enjoyed working with his hands, and bought his first vehicle off a guy for 200 bucks.  I’d say that’s pretty impressive for a 12-yer old. Jerod admits, “I didn’t know if it ran, didn’t kno... Read More »

Teresa Judd - Diagnostic Technician

Teresa Judd - Diagnostic Technician Teresa comes form a family where working on cars and motorcycles is somewhat of a tradition.  Being the younger sibling for Teresa had its advantages. Her two older brothers, 8 and 12 years older, were very supportive, and thought it was a cool thin... Read More »

Hubert Rowlands - Motorcycle Mechanic

Hubert Rowlands - Motorcycle Mechanic Like many WyoTech graduates, Hubert Rowlands had a passion for his chosen profession since childhood.  “I was always interested in bikes.  Uh, four-wheelers.  Anything—pretty much anything with a motor” Hubert says.  “... Read More »

Orlando Giannecchini - Diesel Mechanic

Orlando Giannecchini - Diesel Mechanic The diesel engine is the world’s workhorse, and delivers heapin’ helpin’s of power, efficiency, and durability.  But diesel is far more than the big rigs that thunder down the roads to and fro. Diesel is hard at work everywher... Read More »

Jeff Adkins - Collision Repair Technician

Jeff Adkins - Collision Repair Technician Jeff Adkins is a guy that loves working with his hands, and working as a collision repair technician allows him the freedom of “expression”.     Jeff shares, “There is a—there is an underlying love for—for automobile... Read More »

Kris Cubacana - Painter

Kris Cubacana - Painter For a lot of students coming out of high school, there’s often a big “question mark” about what the next step should be.   Discovering the “path” often takes a lot of inner reflection and honesty about ones strength... Read More »

Jeff Aquistapace - Race Car Mechanic

Jeff Aquistapace - Race Car Mechanic Being a race car mechanic is a dream that a lot of people can only fantasize about.  However, Jeff Aquistapace is a WyoTech graduate that made a personal dream come true.  In fact, where he is in life at the moment may even be beyond the thing... Read More »

Wade Bailey - Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Raytheon

Wade Bailey - Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Raytheon I am a heavy equipment mechanic for Raytheon. Six months of the year I work in Antarctica maintaining equipment for the National Science Foundation and the entire support crew at McMurdo Station. The equipment I work on does everything from build runway... Read More »

John Olson - Mercedes Benz

John Olson - Mercedes Benz I am currently working as a technician at a Mercedes Benz dealership in Minneapolis, Minnesota. WyoTech gave me a broad knowledge of automobiles. I was fortunate to work and learn under many instructors there, one being Bob Lohmann who was very knowledgeabl... Read More »

Featured Specialty Course

Applied Service ManagementApplied Service Management is a specialty of the Automotive Technology Core CourseApplied Service Management Applied Service Management is a great specialty concentration for anyone interested in eventually managing or running their own shop. You'll study vital concepts for service management like: Business Principles Sho...

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Student Testimonials

George KremposkiWyoTech Graduate"After WyoTech, I worked at a few collision shops and four hot rod shops. I have a steady flow of people who want me to do work for them. Some wait up to a year for me to do the work on their babies. I've taken a short vacation from building cars and have turned my efforts to building some of the country's coolest jet boats."


WyoTech News & Events

WyoTech Debuts Ford Conversion Van At SEMA Show That Combines The Best Of Retro Styling With Advanced TechnologyNov 9th 2016To mark its 50th anniversary, WyoTech unveiled two vehicles that students, graduates and instructors customized as part of a “Chop Cut Rebuild” feature at this year’s SEMA Show.

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WyoTech Graduates Build 1966 Ford Mustang in AustinOct 27th 2015WyoTech is proud to be part of a custom 1966 Ford Mustang build for the United States Military Education Association -- the car was built out last week at Richard Wood Kustoms in Austin, Texas and will be revealed next week at SEMA. Watch it live now!

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