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About WyoTech

WyoTech is dedicated to providing college-level, career oriented education in the motorcycle, diesel, watercraft, automotive, and collision/refinishing industries. Our courses are designed to give students the skills and hands-on-experience they need to achieve their career goals.

Most of our courses can be completed in less than a year; and this means our students can get on with their lives much sooner than attending a four-year school. Through the use of industry-based advisory committees and solid industry employment contacts, we can upgrade our training courses and curriculums to enhance each student’s employment possibilities.

At WyoTech, we also establish guidelines for attendance, behavior, and academic achievement in our labs, classrooms, and shop floors. The professionalism acquired, the positive attitudes gained, and the personal motivations forged all combine to produce WyoTech graduates who are ready and prepared to seek employment in a challenging and exciting industry.

Financial Aid

In today’s competitive world, many employers seek to hire employees with hands-on-experience, and some type of degree or training certification. For the student, this means finding the right career training course along with the financial aid package to get into the career they want.

One of the biggest mistakes made by parents and students, is the assumption they won’t qualify because of income or home ownership. This is why it’s important to contact WyoTech directly about the financial aid packages available. We have a dedicated team of student finance planners who are here to help students get the money they need for education.

Once admitted into a WyoTech Course, our student finance planners will help you determine the best means of financing your education. We’ll walk you thoroughly through the methods of covering your tuition; such as: loans grants, scholarships, and loans. We’re dedicated in helping you find the best solution possible.

Career Options

Getting the right education is only the first part of the journey. At WyoTech, we’re also committed in helping your son or daughter find a job after graduation. The quality of our graduates is recognized by a nationwide network of employers. However, finding employment will ultimately depend on your child's academic performance and self-motivation.

Each WyoTech campus is staffed with a Career Services Department that will work with you in making sure your dreams become a reality. We offer one-on-one assistance with resume development, resume distribution, job listings, and career fairs.

Housing for your son or daughter

Where a student will live is just as important as the education they’ll receive. Many of our students discover the housing choices made available offer the same comforts and freedom of having their own place. WyoTech offers student housing in Blairsville and Laramie.

Students are also provided with transportation to and from school at selected campuses and housing sites. Both the education and safety of our students is a top priority at WyoTech, and comfortable and safe housing allows our students to live with others who share the same level of interest and passion for getting ahead in life.

Helping your son or daughter choose a course

We recognize the challenges involved in making career choices. At WyoTech, our goal is to provide our students with everything they’ll need to find employment in the career of their dreams. The career training courses we offer are in demand in today’s world.

Our career training courses include:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Collision Refinishing
  • Diesel Technology
  • Marine Technology
  • Motorcycle Technology

At WyoTech, we can give your son or daughter the career tech school training that can make a major difference in the opportunities they’ll have for success tomorrow.

The WyoTech "Code of Conduct"

Instilling the proper code of conduct in our students is a way of making sure it will be a part of their internal code of ethics. It helps them to develop the discipline to learn more, achieve better grades, and sustain a much more positive attitude throughout their training. They’ll be creating work habits that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

We also have our students sign and agree to abide by these standards as a prerequisite for admission into WyoTech. We want our students to be serious about their education from day one!

WyoTech Instructors

One of the main reasons our students graduate with the skills and training necessary for success is because of the quality of instructors that we employ. These are instructor who have been there and done that! They’re all seasoned and knowledgeable veterans who bring a world of experience to the classroom.

You can rest assured your son or daughter will be taught by a professional in his or her field of expertise.

WyoTech Success Story

Jessi Combs - WyoTech Success Story2004 Graduate
Jessi graduated in 2004 from WyoTech' s Collision/Refinishing Technology program with specialty focuses in Motorsports Chassis Fabrication , Street Rod and Custom Fabrication and Trim and Upholstery Technology Jessi is a proud graduate of WyoTech i...

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Student Testimonials

Howared BrinkerhoffWyoTech Graduate"WyoTech is an excellent school. When I was choosing a school, I researched my options thoroughly. The instructors and curriculum were significantly better at WyoTech, and I also liked the accelerated path. When I graduated, I had 12 job offers."


WyoTech News & Events

WyoTech Debuts Ford Conversion Van At SEMA Show That Combines The Best Of Retro Styling With Advanced TechnologyNov 9th 2016To mark its 50th anniversary, WyoTech unveiled two vehicles that students, graduates and instructors customized as part of a “Chop Cut Rebuild” feature at this year’s SEMA Show.

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WyoTech Graduates Build 1966 Ford Mustang in AustinOct 27th 2015WyoTech is proud to be part of a custom 1966 Ford Mustang build for the United States Military Education Association -- the car was built out last week at Richard Wood Kustoms in Austin, Texas and will be revealed next week at SEMA. Watch it live now!

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