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Paying For Your Training

WyoTech can assist you in finding ways to pay for your training.

Paying for Your Training

WyoTech is approved to participate in the following financial aid programs:

Applications for Federal Student Aid are available online at Details on all Financial Aid Programs are available upon request.

Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid is designed to help our students pay for school. Based on eligibility, there are different types of Financial Aid students can apply for. Your WyoTech Representative can be extremely helpful in determining if you qualify for any of the following types of aid.

Federal Pell Gant

This is a need-based federal grant for undergraduate students and it typically does not require repayment.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) – available at most locations

This grant is available to undergraduate students and typically does not require repayment. Contact your WyoTech Representative to learn about the selection criteria for this grant.

Federal Work Study (FSW) – available at some locations

This need-based program can help you earn money while you attend school. Jobs are provided both on and off-campus, and hourly wages are paid directly to you. Contact your WyoTech Representative to see if your school of interest participates in this program.

Federal Perkins Loan – available at some locations

This need-based loan has a set 5% interest rate. The repayment schedule begins nine months after you graduate, leave school or drop below half-time status.

Family Federal Education Loan Program (FFELP)

These low interest government-funded loans include Federal Consolidation Loans. All loans are long-term and are insured by state or private non-profit guarantee agencies.

*Additional funds may be available. Please contact your WyoTech Representative for more information.

If your primary Financing Option does not cover your program costs, there are additional financing options available. Private loans are offered through various third party lenders and our institutional Payment Plans are affordable and easy to use.

*If you’re planning to attend a WyoTech destination school, contact your WyoTech guide for financial information.

*For students attending a WyoTech commuter school, please contact your WyoTech Student Finance Planner.

Other Financial Assistance

Certain students may be eligible for other assistance programs such as: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Vocational Rehabilitation, Job Training Partnership Act, or alternative loans. Determination of eligibility will be made by the specific agency involved.

Other sources of funding are also available though banks and other private lenders. The majority of these are unsecured loans based on credit worthiness. Students may request a loan for tuition and living expenses minus any federal aid received. Terms of repayment vary with the lending institution.

WyoTech Tuition

Want to know more about financial aid programs and WyoTech tuition information? Simply contact us and a WyoTech representative will explain the typical costs involved in attending WyoTech.
Request tuition information from WyoTech

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Student Testimonials

George KremposkiWyoTech Graduate"After WyoTech, I worked at a few collision shops and four hot rod shops. I have a steady flow of people who want me to do work for them. Some wait up to a year for me to do the work on their babies. I've taken a short vacation from building cars and have turned my efforts to building some of the country's coolest jet boats."